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All participants must have an Bounce Fitness Trampoline Park waiver prior to beginning their jump.

Bounce Fitness Trampoline Park offers a few options for you to complete your waiver. Waivers may be completed online ahead of time, you may print out a copy of our waiver to complete and bring with you during your visit, or you may complete a waiver at the waiver station when you arrive. Remember you must be at least 18 years old to fill out a waiver. Those 18 and under must have a waiver completed by a parent or guardian. Read the Bounce Fitness Code of Conduct  Below:


Code Of Conduct


For the safety and enjoyment of all our jumpers, we ask that you please…

  • Wear Bounce Fitness Trampoline Park socks.
  • Keep any valuables locked up while jumping.
  • Empty your pockets and remove any jewellery, loose objects or hats before jumping.
  • Always be aware of your surroundings and keep a safe distance from other jumpers.
  • Bounce with TWO feet and flexed knees.
  • Keep a maximum of two people of similar size and weight per trampoline.
  • Leave phones at the DJ booth or on the side of the court area (Left at own risk).
  • Only perform tricks that you can do confidently and safely.
  • Perform single flips only.
  • Read the rules posted in each area (i.e. Dodgeball, crash pit, Slam Jam).
  • Always follow the court monitor’s directions.




For the safety and enjoyment of all our jumpers, we ask that you please…

  • Wear shoes on the court.
  • Chew gum while jumping.
  • Bring any food or beverages on the platforms or trampolines.
  • Run on the trampolines or anywhere in the park.
  • Bounce hard or high when there is another jumper on the trampoline.
  • Large differences in size could result in injury.
  • Wrestle or horseplay on the trampolines.
  • Climb, hang or sit on the wall trampolines or the yellow mats.
  • Kick the balls in the dodgeball court.
  • Lie down on the trampolines.